A Little Grit for Your Craw...

Education! Inspiration! Motivation! A little grit for your craw!

Everyone needs a little “grit in their craw”! Here on Robert’s blog, you’ll find posts that we hope will help you to summon  the “grit” you need to do and be your very best. These posts will offer information, inspiration and motivation that you can use to help strengthen your personal and professional life.  We always welcome […]

Don’t let that last shank affect your next swing!

I recently spent a day on the golf course with my son-in-law. He and our daughter were visiting from North Carolina, and the sun was bright and the temperatures mild for a midwinter day in southern Mississippi. It was the first time I’d picked up a golf club since late October, so I knew I’d […]

No vinegar on the first, jalapeños on the other.

pepperAre we listening to our clients’ needs?

This past Saturday, I stopped by our local sub shop around noon to pick up a couple of sandwiches to take home for lunch. Being a typical fall Saturday, the little shop’s business was booming with soccer moms, football dads […]