Overview of Grit In Your Craw

“Whether you’re in real estate, insurance, financial services, athletics, 
or another performance-based position, the ensuing pages will challenge you 
to be the best possible version of yourself within the role that you
 play. This 
book fills a major need for anyone with production-based job requirements.”

- Alan Williams, Teammates Matter, author / founder Teammatesmatter.com

Do you have confidence, discipline and a sense of purpose? Are you diligent, resilient, tenacious, optimistic and flexible? If so, you¹ve definitely got “a little grit in your craw,” as we say in the South. In other words, you have what it takes to succeed! Actually, we all have these eight strengths, but we don¹t always know how to harness them and put them to work for us. Grit In Your Craw can show you how to do just that. All you need is a willingness to dig deep and a commitment to achieving your highest goals.

Maybe you¹re not so sure you have what it takes to succeed? Well, Grit In Your Craw will help you find and focus those inner strengths essential to your success. You will be enlightened and entertained as author Robert Luckadoo¹s life stories tug at your heartstrings and bring a new clarity to the strengths already inside you. And no doubt, you will be inspired to dig deep inside yourself to find the eight strengths you need to succeed in your professional and personal life. It will leave you with a tear in your eye, a big southern smile in your heart, and a recharged desire to succeed in finding your true purpose in life.

“The title catches your attention and the book inspires you.
 Luckadoo’s down-home
 wisdom will strike a chord with everyone who truly wants to do and be their 

- Jon Gordon, best selling author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter