Early Praise for Grit In Your Craw

Grit in Your Craw will help develop your strengths in attacking the many problems you will encounter on the road to success.”
Dick Vitale, ESPN Sports Analyst

“The title catches your attention and the book inspires you. Luckadoo’s down-home wisdom will strike a chord with everyone who truly wants to do and be their best.”
Jon Gordon, best selling author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter

“Whether you’re in real estate, insurance, financial services, athletics, or another performance-based position, the ensuing pages will challenge you to be the best possible version of yourself within the role that you play. This book fills a major need for anyone with production-based job requirements.”
Alan Williams, Teammates Matter, author / founder Teammatesmatter.com


Where To Buy Grit In Your Craw

Grit In Your Craw is available in paperback and eBook from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Click on the logo below to purchase the book.

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